Bill Nye: Science Guy
Documentary Film Animations

Collaborating with directors David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg, we created a host of animations to help illustrate everything from CO2 levels in ice cores to lightsail launches. We strived to hit a balance that allowed for scientific accuracy where important, while also dropping in a bit of style. 


Kickstarter promos

After a record setting Kickstarter that got the film going, we needed to make some promo pieces to showcase some of the footage the directors had already shot and demonstrate the quality of animations for other potential investors.

We made some fun and whimsical animations, but as the final film started to come together the tone had shifted significantly into something with more gravity. We ultimately decided it was in our best interest to update the style of animations to more closely align with the tone of the film. 


Toros Kose - art direction and animation
Chase Massingill - animation, design
Mike Senften - 3D lead