The Oslo Freedom Forum
Conference Titles

Held yearly in Norway, the Oslo Freedom Forum is an event celebrating the work of human rights activists and innovators, with the aim to bring human rights to the forefront of the world agenda.

Henchmen designed and animated pieces introducing each session of the conference as well as musical acts and speakers.

Starting with an oppressive black diamond made of smaller pieces, each piece begins to find a voice and break from the larger shape. Without the support of its people, the diamond eventually crumbles.

Animations were built in C4D using mograph and dynamics. The mograph color shader was used to drive playback speed and timing of 2d animations rendered from After Effects.

Animated Typeface

Custom animations were built for each character, and assembled to create fluid animations between titles and names. With deliverables for 7 different sessions and 32 speakers, being able to create new animations quickly was a necessity.

Alternate Animation

We also delivered a simplified 2d version, based on the same theme. Although less complex, it centers on the established brand more directly.


Chase Massingill - creative direction, animation, design
Mike Senften - 3D
Toros Kose - art direction and animation

Client: The Human Rights Foundation